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About us

With the research and entrepreneurial spirit of AEET Energy Group GmbH, it has built up an excellent reputation in their field over the past years. Meanwhile, the AEET Energy Group GmbH operates on the global market for photovoltaic systems and not only enjoys the trust and respect of countless planners, installers and operators of photovoltaic systems, but also could develop into a real driving force behind the entire industry on top of that. A finger on the technological pulse of times, looking ahead, but not forgetting the maxim is made of the excellent professional team of AEET Energy Group GmbH that they are one of the main cornerstones of the company, and continually on more optimal benefit and development of renewable energy work.

AEET Energy won’t leave you out in the rain

The AEET Energy Group GmbH sees itself not only as a supplier of equipment for photovoltaic systems but also as a true full-service partner in all areas. With AEET Energy Group GmbH, you are not left out in the cold after the delivery of the technology, but supports you on every step of the way. The service ranges from direct support and training on free project planning, the absolute reliability of the suppliers to the 24-hour accessible telephone service of AEET Energy Group GmbH. No matter in which region, in what quantity and with what specifications AEET Energy Group GmbH meets all customer desires and makes so planners, engineers, technicians and operators of photovoltaic systems everyday life much easier and both quick and uncomplicated action possible on site.

Meet old standards and set new standards

The AEET Energy Group GmbH serves not only one, but also all areas of photovoltaics sector. Here not only known standards are working in accordance with, manufactured and research, but also its own know-how and proprietary developers spirit thrown into the mix in order to obtain a rash. This underpins the extensive expertise within the AEET Energy Group GmbH certainly by the self-made and self-developed polycrystalline and monocrystalline photovoltaic modules and its own thin-film modules. Each own development and production always corresponds to the current state of research and technology. Global experts agree that the photovoltaic modules from AEET Energy Group GmbH especially distinguish by their longevity, their high income and flexible applications. Ennobled by this view of the industry highlights the AEET Energy Group GmbH with their own modules again their knowledge in this area of the energy segment and their excellent knowledge of the industry, research and needs of their own customers.

Eyes always focused on the essentials

AEET Energy Group GmbH never loses an eye for the big picture. So none of the stores supplied with our photovoltaic system is considered as an island. The team of excellent experts see any solution in conjunction with other photovoltaic systems and as an essential building block and step to the worldwide energy crisis. Customers, partners, their successors and children benefit equally from the foresight of AEET Energy Group GmbH. Tomorrow it does not help if it is thinking only of yesterday - the view must always be addressed in the future. According to this maxim the AEET Energy Group GmbH will continue with full commitment researching new ways to use renewable energy and improve and expand well-tried solutions.

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