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PUROTAP ® i-control monitor probe by Elysator

To monitor the system water continuously as possible, so that corrosion and deposits which can destroy the heating system can be avoided through the PUROTAP i-Control. Here we are talking about an inline monitor probe, the whole system works in battery mode and this guaranty to work independent from electricity grid. The AEET Energy Group offers the appropriate model to. So that your heating system is given the best possible protection. Of course our experts will advise you if you have any further questions.

PUROTAP ® i-Control & Data sheets

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PUROTAP ® i-control

Corrosion can do lasting damage to the heating or cooling system, without that you notice this immediately. To obtain a reliable corrosion protection it is advisable to use the PUROTAP ® i-control. At a glance you will find out in this system, what about the electrical conductivity of the system water and obtain in this way the best possible control.

The system carried out the conductivity measurement in second’s interval is equipped with an optical LED display. You will recognize immediately the essential facts. Thanks to the battery operation a power supply is not needed. Nevertheless, a period of two to three years is guaranteed. Should the battery be weak or empty, you can easily switch, without any interruption of the operation is to be feared. The fiberglass-reinforced plastic housing provides high security and stability, as well as stainless and self-cleaning probe. To install the unit no tools are required, which also is extremely positive.

The PUROTAP i-Control monitoring probe of Elysator is according to the applicable standards of the CEN, the SKWI (Schweizerischer Verein von Wärme- und Klima-Ingenieuren), VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure) and DIN standard (Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.).

The advantages of using the PUROTAP i-Control monitoring probe of Elysator:

  • Energy-efficient operation through excellent quality of water
  • Line measurement of the electrical conductivity interval in seconds
  • Long service life of the heating or cooling system through regular monitoring
  • Full warranty