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Contrary to many manufacturer are solar and photovoltaic systems in only a few cases, self-cleaning. Many solar panels are indeed often equipped with a protective layer that protects in certain dimensions against contamination, however, you still cannot get past a regular cleaning, if you desire that the solar cells continue to generate full power in energy production.

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Not only wind and weather left its mark on solar cells. Other factors of the environment may affect solar cells with pollution. These range from bird droppings over pollen to sooty particle and fine dust. Depending on the location of the cells, these impurities are more or less strongly. Especially in older panels may even come to moss and thereby the solar cell can be damaged permanently.

The largest source of pollution of solar systems is, however, in the atmosphere floating dirt, dust and sooty particles. Rainfall washes away most of the dirt but in fact, it applies new layers of dirt too. Near locations with heavy industrial pollution, there is another reason why you have to clean your solar system. The combination of CO², SO² and nitrogen oxides and their reactions with water, the rain gets sour properties. This "acid rain" is superimposed also on the photovoltaic systems, contaminated and this may in time lead to damage.

Are solar systems not cleaned regularly, it comes eventually to "shadowing". The deposits prevent the absorption of solar energy and reduce the gained electric power.

However, a regular cleaning with conventional tap water often does not achieve the results that would provide a cleaning. This is because of the usual lime and mineral deposits in tap water. Similar to the cleaning of cars, if you do not directly dry or cleaned with demineralized water, drying results in calcium deposits on the surface. Thus, another replaces only one kind of the deterioration of the energy intake.

In ELYSATOR Puroclean system, an inexpensive type of demineralization is used. This technique has Elysator, gained as market leader in demineralization in heating systems, from its long experience in this field. In the case of the Puroclean system the basic technique of proven Purotap cartridges and Purotap systems was transferred on a high-quality and portable cleaning device.

Equipped with a special ion exchange resin filters Puroclean from tap water lime and aggressive ingredients, such as sulfates, nitrates and chlorides. Based on a blended bed ion exchanger Puroclean supplies demineralized water of absolute constant quality. As a further advantage, the water contains no chemical additives and is completely sustainable. On top of that demineralized water has a significantly higher cleaning power, as it can replace and absorb considerably more dirt. As a result, you achieve a fast and residue-free result of your photovoltaic system at each cleaning.

For optimum and clear monitoring, the transportable Puroclean system is equipped with a precise and battery-operated monitoring computer. Therefore, it is easy to keep track of the pure water production in quantity and quality at any time. Since it is primarily intended for professional service, Puroclean has an extremely high discharge capacity of 1,500 liters per hour. The system does not require any external power supply and is compatible with all types of brushes. Once the capacity of the ion exchange resin is gone, it can be easily replaced on site. ELYSATOR ion exchange resin is ecologically sound to 100 percent and can be disposed safely with household waste.

The device is equipped not only to transport and for this purpose with handles for a comfortable handling and a stable shelf, the service vehicle, but extremely robust designed in its entirety, without bringing unnecessary weight on the scale. The complete system is installed on a sturdy trolley and equipped with high-quality solid rubber wheels.

For easy resin exchange in all imaginable situations and constriction conditions, Puroclean is also provided with flexible and sheathed connection hoses. Thus when filling the Puroclean with to clean tap water no resin can accidentally flow back into the freshwater ecosystems it was provided with a non-return valve.

The measurement computer shutoff at input and output, as well as a safety screen against unwanted resin outlet round off the features. The tank for the demineralized water and the resin is made of 100 percent stainless steel and coated from the inside with Teflon. In order to easily exchange the resin, and to prevent damage by frost in storage, the tank is equipped with an easy-to-use discharging device.

Of course, the cleaning properties of the Puroclean system are not only suitable for photovoltaic systems. Also car pools, glass greenhouses and conservatories and large glass facades are easy and sustainable to clean with the system. By the simple addition of the ion exchange resin can not only save money but also protect the environment.

Thanks to the high-quality measuring computer, it is a simple to determine exactly the costs of the resin consumption when required and include in the calculation the fees for the cleaning. Of course, the system is not only suitable for the use by professional cleaning companies.

Even private operators of photovoltaic systems, owners of larger car pools or of property with an attractive glass panel can benefit from the properties of the Puroclean systems and by this seen in the short term spare your wallet, sustainable clean and operate their own solar system without interference and contamination optimal for the production of energy.

Data sheet Puroclean

  • Capacity / appoximate value filling approx. 100,000 m² with 1°dh
  • max. water temperature in °C
    • 60
  • max. flow l / hrs. 1 500 l with 3-4 bar
  • max. form
    • 6 bar
  • Connection thread in duty 1" AG
  • mobile device with chrome steel bottle
  • With flow and complete litre counter
  • Conductivity measurement, to programmable Limiter and optical warning
  • All parametres resettable
  • No external power source needed
  • Use main focuses
    • Professional cleaning from medium flat to wide photovoltaic, solar arrangements, conservatories etc.