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PUROTAP ® Nexion Mixed-bed resin by Elysator (vacuum-packed)

Function and quality of the ion exchange resin

In the water of the heating or cooling system are salts that consist of both positively charged and negatively charged ions. They dissolve in water and ensure that they are getting electrically conductive. Through the ion exchange resin, both positive and negative ions are attracted to and retained. It remains pure, clean water without any salts. This guarantees a long service life of your plant.

PUROTAP ® Nexion Mixed-bed resin & Data sheets

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PUROTAP ® Nexion Mixed-bed resin

To guarantee a first-class exchange is the quality of the applied resin an important factor. To offer cheap products many manufacturers produce cation exchange resin in the ratio 2:1 (positive ion), whereby the capacity of the electrically conductive metals will be increased. The acid-forming anions, however remain and damage the system sustainable. Through the contact with the air the quality of the exchange-resins also suffers.

PUROTAP Nexion resin

A high-quality resin, like our PUROTAP Nexion resin of Elysator is vacuum packed thereby we guarantee best quality. During the process of desalting, accordingly there will be no formation of carbonic acid. Immediately the unhindered process of self-localization starts in the best possible way. The PUROTAP Nexion mixed-bed resin of a two-component resin from Elysator, which has been tested after the necessary standards. Aggressive salts and lime can be filtered out of the water easily with this resin thereby a long service life of the entire system is guaranteed. By vacuum packing the salt can provide its full power and also does not oxidize. To offer a permanently a good product Elysator regularly test will be carried out.

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