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AEET-Engineering by Elysator

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Safe heating water

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Rust protection for heating systems

Elysator measuring counter

As long as heating system settle minerals or salts this can cause extreme damage. With the PUROTAP products you are possible to filter these harmful substances from the water, so that trouble-free operation can be guaranteed. One of the indispensable devices is the Elysator measuring counter, you have the function of the system at a first glance. The experts of AEET Energy Group recommend this model. Further, the gas meter measures the electrical conductivity of the water. You can reset the data at any time and you and also don´t require any power connector to use the Elysator measuring counter because it is operating by battery.

Elysator measuring counter & Data sheet

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Elysator measuring counter

Another advantage over other products: The manufacturer Elysator measuring counter fulfilled the new SWKI BT 102-01 standard.

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